Sweet Summer Days

My Dress: H&M (similar) | Hat: H&M (similar, mine I found in-store)  | Sunglasses: Charming Charlie | Lilly’s Dress: H&M 
If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that one of Kyle and I’s favorite thing to do is grab coffee’s and take Lilly to play at the park! She is quite obsessed with the park these days… in fact we even have to re-route our driving sometimes so she doesn’t spot a park and start begging or crying to go haha! She’s pretty persistent that one 😉 Now that it’s nearly summer (we jumped from 60’s to almost 90’s in a matter of weeks here in Boise!), we are loving getting to go out in the mornings to beat the heat and enjoy our coffee’s 🙂 
We were at The Village at Meridian recently and I was looking for some affordable clothing for myself and Lilly. I hate to spend a fortune on Lilly’s clothes because she goes through them soo quick! H&M has some amazingly adorable dresses that you can snag starting at $4.99! I believe this one she’s wearing was $7.99 which isn’t bad at all. (Here’s a link to all the less expensive dresses) I really love dresses in the summer time because their such a quick and easy outfit… just one item with a few accessories and you’re out the door! Plus, they are really helpful when you’re wanting a new outfit but don’t want to spend a ton, because you only have to buy one piece! I love the one I’m wearing in these photos, the fit is slim yet doesn’t hug the wrong places if you know what I mean 😉 Also, you guys know the grey hat I always wear? Well I’m excited to say I’ve found a replacement…. and i’m obsessed!!! I’ve been looking for one that is similar to how the grey one fits and I finally found it, yay! 
Hope you guys are having an amazing week! If you haven’t checked out my most recent Youtube small groups you should head over and take a peak, we are doing life together (the joy, the broken, and everything in between) and it’s been so fun chatting and connecting with you guys each week!! 

*Thanks to the Village at Meridian for partnering with me on this post. 


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