Splash Pads

A few things about these photos: 
– We didn’t realize there would be a splash pad at the place we planned to shoot. Best surprise ever.
– Lilly insisted on wearing these boots, which made me laugh but I figured, what the heck. Ha!
– Her method of madness for the water was: go up to a water spout, touch it with her eyes half closed, then laugh hysterically and run away. Run in circles around the splash pad laughing, then repeat. (IT WAS THE CUTEST!!!)
– The shirt I’m wearing in these photos is definitely the softest shirt I own, found it at Nordstrom Rack recently and I love it!
-Every once and a while Lilly will come up to me now while taking photos and start posing with me and being extra cuddly and cute. I loveeeeee it.
-By the time we had to leave, she was completely soaked head to toe, and had long taken off her shoes. I love saying “no” to my mom thoughts of “ahhh don’t get wet, the car is going to get soaked and we’ll have to clean you up when we get home” and instead saying “GO FOR IT KID!” 

Life is too short to worry about getting messy, it’s way more fun to just live. 



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