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When I found Wildbird I nearly squealed with excitement because their wraps are usable with toddlers!! That’s something I hadn’t seen before and my heart took a leap knowing I could “wear” my baby girl! When Lilly was an infant we had a baby carrier, but I had no idea that the quality of the carrier makes a world of difference. (Seems like common sense now, but we got a cheap carrier and the support was awful which left my back hurting and one unhappy baby.) Needless to say I feel like I missed out on baby wearing when she was little due to not having the proper equipment to do it with! The few times I did use our carrier, I soaked up every second because there is really nothing like having your child snuggled up against your chest. I honestly crave it with our next baby and will definitely be investing in multiple carriers!
Like I said, when I saw Wildbird slings were able to be used with toddlers,  I jumped at the opportunity and am soo excited I did! I’ve teamed up with them on Instagram to giveaway one of their single linen wraps!! Head over to my Instagram to enter! They have gorgeous colors to choose from and I will absolutely be using their slings with our future kids. They’re extremely good quality and I can tell our sling will last a very long time!
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