Maternity Clothes!

Now that my belly is starting to pop, I’m realizing I am in dire need of longer shirts haha! My shirts that were “long” before, are now just barely covering my growing belly, and soon I’ll need to stock up on clothes! I will admit, there have been a few times this pregnancy where I realized my stomach was peeking through in between my top and jeans, and that is never appealing…  ha! 😉 
I was so happy to find this site Shop Pink Blush, I’d seen their clothing all over Pinterest actually but was happy that when I received the maternity clothes they were such great quality and so so soft. (Not to mention, long!) I really loved the Black Lace Up Tunic, and the grey sweater! They have been my go-to items this winter! 
Incase you missed them, here are my two pregnancy update videos so far! Thanks for following along for the journey, XO!


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