Matching Denim With My Girl

My Outfit- Denim Jacket: Hope Ave | Top: Hope Ave | Jeans: Hope Ave | Shoes: H&M | Purse: H&M | Sunglasses: Charming Charlie
Lilly’s Outfit – Denim Jacket: H&M | Top: Old Navy | Boots: Nordstrom Rack 
Can I just start by saying, being a mama is the best and most amazing job in the whole world!! Honestly I am completely loving this age, (she’s 2 1/2!) and it seems like each day Lilly gets cuter by the minute. I know it’s supposedly called the “terrible two’s,” but gosh this age is FUN. Of course there’s the melt downs every once in a while, but other than that I am savoring every single second I have with her. We have been soo grateful that she’s been healthy and so when she got a little cold this week it of course it breaks a mama’s heart, but also reminds me of how thankful I am she’s overall been so healthy! She refused to be put down so I soaked up the extra cuddles, and set aside my to-do list. 
Matching with my girl just really gets my heart smiling, haha! So I loved that we both wore our denim jackets and coordinating outfits. Her jean jacket is from H&M, and mine is from Hope Ave. We got them both at the Village at Meridian (our fave shopping place!) and they had so many great options to choose from. Her’s is super soft, (which is a major bonus) and I love the frayed hems mine has. I also really liked the neutral grey top I found at Hope Ave because it can be paired with so many different items! 
Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you’re having a beautiful day!
*Thanks to the Village at Meridian for teaming up with me for this post! 


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