Happy Father’s Day To My Favorites

Happy Sunday!!! This post means so much to me, because I get to honor and brag on the amazing men I have in my life.

My first love: Dad
Thank you for being everything a girl could ask for and more. Growing up (and still today) you were the sweetest, most thoughtful, and fun daddy in the world. I actually was just telling my friends the other day how much I miss playing lazer tag with you, and going rock climbing. Thank you for seeing me through my roller coaster teenage years, and for believing in me in my worst of times. I love your sweet and tender spirit, and I’m so honored to be your daughter. You may have walked me down the aisle to the man of my dreams, but I will forever be your little girl.

To my stepdad,
Thank you for all of the time and wisdom you have poured into me over the years. Thank you for challenging me to never settle, and to always strive to do and be my best. For not allowing me to be okay with mediocracy, but rather encouraging me to run full speed after my dreams. Thank you for teaching me practical things that have helped me throughout my journey. Most of all, thank you for loving me as your own.

To my father-in-love,
In these past few years you have welcomed me into your family with open arms, and I could not feel more blessed. Thank you for going out of your way to make me feel so at home and at ease, and for doing whatever it takes to make your family smile. You have taught me to have a generous and grateful heart, simply through leading by example. Thank you for being so ready to help in any possible way you can. You are an outstanding father to your boys, and I’m forever thankful you raised up the man I love.

To my husband, on his first Father’s Day….


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