Halloween + My Little Fam

Halloween this year was so fun with Lilly girl, because I mean, LOOK AT HER!!! I know i’m biased because i’m her mama, but seriously, she’s the cutest dang cowgirl i’ve ever seen!!! Ah. Anyway, this year we made it to three houses for “trick or treating,” haha! She was super sleepy cause she skipped her nap that day, so we went to a few houses then went back to my in-laws for pizza and not shortly after it was bed time! 
The first house we went to was a family friend. The second house the girl who answered the door had gone all out on her costume and reminded me of a “who” from “who-ville” from the Grinch! Lilly loved it and was completely amazed and wanted to keep staring at the girl, ha! The the 3rd house a mom and daughter opened the door and the little girl was dressed in a princess costume. Once again, Lilly didn’t want to leave and she just wanted to admire the girls costume. The mom closed the door and the little girl was looking at Lilly through their side window, and Lilly plopped down on their porch and just wanted to sit there and look at the pretty princess costume she was wearing. It was pretty darling.
Hope you guys had an amazing Halloween! Thanks for reading, xo


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