Family Hike

Workout Gear: Fleet Feet | “Bad Hair Day” Hat: Hope Avenue
Last weekend Kyle and I took Lilly for a short hike and then let her play at the park and it was so fun! We wished we had brought Cruz (our pup) with us because it was so nice out. At Camels Back park in Boise there is an outdoor workout gym right near the children’s park and it’s a really cool concept! I’ll admit I’ve never actually worked out on it but Lilly sure did enjoy playing with all the cool gadgets haha 😉 
I went to Fleet Feet at The Village recently and loved how dedicated their staff was to finding the most practical gear for my personal needs. I’ve never gone anywhere else for tennis shoes before that took the time to not only measure my feet correctly, but also watch the way I walk, go through multiple pairs of shoes to find me the perfect fit for my feet, and share so much knowledge about what the benefits of each shoe was. It was so nice to talk with the associate about what each shoe would offer and have her help me pick the best ones for what I needed! I love the shoes I ended up getting, they are so airy and give me a little bit of bounce when I’m running. They are beyond comfortable! 
The associate also pointed out this top I’m wearing in the post from New Balance, and I’m obsessed. The rouching is some how very flattering which I would have never guessed, but the crazy part is it doesn’t ride up at all. It stays put no matter what exercise I’m doing, which is so nice because I can’t stand when my shirts ride up and show too much in the middle of a workout haha! I love not having to adjust my shirt every time I raise my arms! 
Overall I had an amazing experience at Fleet Feet, and if you show them this post they will give you 20% off all apparel! (Good through 7/20) 


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