Late Night Thoughts

Finally getting around to posting these photos we took a while back!! I love these pics with my best girl, she really knows just how to make my heart spin. It’s been a busy month for us and my spirit is craving some rest and time with Jesus! It’s been an amazing few weeks, but to be perfectly honest I have a bad habit of not prioritizing my time with the Lord when life get’s busy. The thing about life is there’s always a to-do list, but we have to be purposeful and intentional with setting aside time to just “be” and rest with the Lord. The to-do list can wait. 😉
A week or two ago while Lilly was napping, I decided rather than bringing her in and crossing off items on the list, I ran inside to get my bible and book from small group and read in the car while she napped. I’m not sure what it was, but I felt giddy and excited to just rest for a bit. I think our minds and souls need that quiet time and when we get overly distracted with the business of life. At least for me, it’s just not good! My mind gets clouded and sometimes joy can be lost and things start to feel dull. But the good news is that hour alone (somewhat alone 😉 ) made me feel alive again with a clear mind and a heart bursting with joy. I’ve found when I set aside time to read and prayerfully prepare the day, it seems I can actually get more things done because I’m in the right state of mind and graced for what’s to come.  Also, if you’re interested in a good read, I would highly recommend the book Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst!!! I honestly think every woman, no matter how young or old should read that book. It is life altering and mind blowing and all the good and hard stuff in between!!!
At this point I may be rambling, I’m tired and decided to write from the heart rather than about the outfits… which I really prefer 🙂 Hope you have an awesome day/night!!! Sending hugs and love to you!


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