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North Carolina || Part 1






^^One of Lilly’s favorite things to do with her daddy! She’s such a thrill seeker.




^she is so ticklish under her little chin!!


^^Those eyes…. what an angel.

^^Ok seriously Lilly never lays on me like this so when she does I always pause what I’m doing and enjoy the sweet cuddles.

^^Goodberry’s is the BEST ice-cream place, if you’re ever in NC you have to go there!! It’s a childhood favorite of mine.

^^Of course Lilly was lovvinnggg the ice-cream and attempting to feed herself πŸ˜‰

^^^My sweet daddy and sissy!


GoingΒ back East to see my Β family is alwaysΒ so much fun! It’s something we don’t get to do often, so when we get the chance I really treasure every moment. When we go, we always have to visit some of my old missed favorites (Goodberry’s icecream, Japanese steakhouses, my neighborhood park, etc.) This time I wanted Kyle to get to experience the south too! Since he loves basketball, we went to the UNC basketball museum which was actually really fun to explore. After Lilly’s constant want to get out of her stroller, I finally gave in and just let her crawl all over the place. I’m not sure who had more fun… Lilly or Kyle. Haha!

I feel like every time I go back to visit home I can’t drive down a single street without a memory popping into my head! It was fun to be able to share that with Kyle and show him where I learned to drive, where I spent countless hours at the park, Β played manhunt, hung out with my friends, where I went to school, pretended to be spies, etc. I love being able to share those memories with him and share glimpses of my childhood.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Β Part 2 of our trip and a video will be up soon.Β Thanks so much for reading πŸ™‚



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