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This week has been so hectic in the best way and it’s currently 1:24am as I write this!? I don’t know why I have any energy left, but I do, so I’m going with it haha!! I’ve been getting things ready for my Youtube/blog while I’m gone in Georgia this weekend!! We leave Saturday for 5 days and it was supposed to be a surprise for my mom (we’re also celebrating my step-dad’s birthday on the lake, yay!!) which is why I haven’t told you guys yet, but she found out so yeah… haha!! ALSO we got a new camera lens and I’m really liking it, I hope you guys can tell the quality difference cause to me it seems soo much better than the other one we have!! I’m pretty stoked about it. Did I just say stoked… yes, yes I did.

Haha ok I need to go to bed soon but before I do that I have to tell you about one of my new favorite stores, Hope Ave!! They recently opened up a shop near where we live and as soon as I walked in I knew me and this shop would become real close haha! My favorite thing I’ve gotten so far from there is this adorable white top, I just absolutely love the detail it has. The colored stitching and dainty white pattern.. Love love love!! Check out my InstagramΒ for a giveaway, they were so generous to offer one of my followers a $50 gift card which is good for in-store or online! Yay!



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